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SHR Painfree & Permanent Hair Removal

Be Smooth & Silky Permanently

A hair removal treatment for all skin types and hair colours: yes even grey! See instant results with a new level of World Class Performance Technology, using the “Luminous” technology. Luminous delivers tomorrows technology TODAY in hair removal with fast and painless teatments.

SHR has the following benefits:

  • Ethnic Skin Safe
  • Never Shave or Wax Again
  • Smooth, Flawless Skin and a IPL photo rejuvenation treatment on the area being treated every time
  • Gets Rid of Ingrown Hairs Forever
  • Amazing Technology/ Amazingly Affordable
How Does it Work?

SHR works in a revolutionary manner. Rather that bombarding your skin with high amounts of Joules (energy), SHR fires multiple shots but at low Joules.

In doing so it gently heats the hair follicle to the heat needed and the most you will feel is warmth and a tingling sensation, some clients compare it to a warm massage. SHR also utilizes In-Motion technology, where the hand piece is always in motion over the skin.

Super Hair Revomal (SHR) can be used for hair removal anywhere from the face to the extremities. And even better – it can be used safely on all skin types. And most wonderfully, it is a painless treatment.

How many treatments are needed?

To fully treat the area you may require 4-6 treatments at four to six week intervals. A regular treatment regime is important to maintain so that the SHR treatments get the hair at its re-growth stage. Near the end of the treatments 6-8 week intervals will be needed to finish off your course.

SHR Hair Removal Pricing


  • Top Lip: $19
  • Chin: $29
  • Front Neck: $49


  • Hands: $39
  • Forearms: $29 (includes Hands)
  • Upper Arms: $89